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Modern Mishpacha

In 2016, a few friends and I had an idea for a fun little passion side project video: What happens if the prophet Elijah actually showed up to your Passover Seder? Well, hilarity ensues. I co-wrote, co-directed, cast and booked the filming location for this comedic short. The video garnered 8K views within first week, not too bad for a weekend's work with no budget or media spend.


Written by: Jacob Perlin and Rob Schlissel
Directed by: Rob Schlissel & Daniel Raiffe
Shot by: Charlie Mysak and the Ventura Creative Team
Edited by: Daniel Raiffe
Starring: Jacob Perlin (Cod), Alex Schmidt, Jesse Jolles, Barry Youngerman,
Mishael Zion, Elan Zion Golumbic, Miriam Goldberger, Lia Goldberger

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